Global Criminality and Regulatory Information Databases

CrossCheck has created a number of extensive databases detailing individuals and companies that pose a risk to governments, multinationals and other parties conducting business in emerging markets.

Today, CrossCheck is one of the largest databases for international criminality and regulatory risk information in the world. With over 6 million records obtained from government, court and other data sources, many CrossCheck records are translated from their original language to English.

In order to ensure excellence across all aspects of its diverse operations, CrossCheck adheres to best global practices when conducting background checks, whether it be for immigration, pre-employment or ‘Know Your Client’ screening purposes.

CrossCheck May Be Utilized to Screen:

  • Criminal records
  • Visa applicants
  • Employees and contractors who have lived or worked abroad
  • Employees and contractors working at entity subsidiaries

CrossCheck Tracks Numerous Sources Worldwide to Obtain the Following Data:

  • Criminality Data
  • Terrorism Data
  • Financial Regulatory Data
  • Non-Financial Regulatory Data
  • Corruption and Fraud Data
  • Medical Risk Data
  • Diploma Mill Data

CrossCheck Benefits:

  • Access to unique and exclusive proprietary data unavailable on any other system
  • Around-the-clock online availability and access
  • Regular database updates implemented by an expert research team
  • Ethical and legal data sourcing from public domain information

To Note: No existing dataset can contain absolute worldwide criminality and regulatory information, and CrossCheck does not claim to do so.

To download the database descriptions, click here.

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