About Us

CrossCheck provides valuable information pulled from sources covering Diploma Mills and un-accredited Institutes, Medical Risk and Professionals' Misconduct records. These datasets identify fake universities/diploma mills/unrecognized institutes and professionals from the healthcare, education, finance, legal and engineering industry sectors, whose licenses have been revoked or who have faced disciplinary action for misconduct.

Whilst a standalone system cannot cover all existing records in the world, CrossCheck screening is one of the most comprehensive in the market due to the sheer volume of content and breadth of sources the information is obtained from.

Who Uses CrossCheck?

Background and Immigration Screening Entities

Employment background screening companies use CrossCheck to screen applicants on behalf of their clients.

Consulates and visa issuing offices of foreign embassies use CrossCheck to screen applicants.

Criminal Record Verification Companies

Criminal record verification companies may use CrossCheck to complement their existing verification process.

Recruitment Companies

Recruitment companies use CrossCheck as a first-level filter to identify applicants who are likely to be rejected during the background screening process.

Individual Service Providers

Individual service providers use CrossCheck to conduct basic screenings on individuals prior to initiating an approach for collaboration.

CrossCheck History

CrossCheck is a subsidiary of the DataFlow Group, a leading global provider of specialised Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions, and background screening and immigration compliance services. Clients across the public and private sectors rely on the DataFlow Group to mitigate potential risk by exposing forged academic degrees, employment certificates and practice licenses, as well as fraudulent passports and work permits.

To ensure that hired professionals have the qualifications they claim, the DataFlow Group utilises cutting-edge technologies and leverages an expansive network of over 60,000 issuing authorities throughout more than 200 countries and territories to liaise with primary sources and verify the authenticity of documents submitted by candidates, in accordance with global industry best practices and Joint Commission International (JCI) guidelines.

Headquartered in Dubai, the DataFlow Group undertakes hundreds of thousands of compliance screening and verification transactions for professionals each year on behalf of various government, quasi government, regulatory and large multinational organisations.